The Anatomy of Stirling Residences

Singapore – Owning a home is everyone’s biggest dream! Undeniably, you cannot resist owning a piece of asset in Queenstown, Singapore. This is one of the finest destinations for investment in Singapore. Do you know that Queenstown is considered as the “Queen of real estate investment” in the region? This is the reason why projects like Stirling Residences is growing by leaps and bounds.

This is a brand new residential project found in Queenstown. The new condo project is a clear picture of luxury and comfort. If you want to settle down in a place that reflects maturity and richness, Stirling Residences is definitely an option for you. Sit back, and learn more about how this residential project can change your lifestyle.

What is Stirling Residences all about?

As mentioned previously, Stirling Residences is a new project in Queenstown, Singapore. The condo project was started as a part of the Government Land Sales Scheme. It plays an integral role in the Queenstown Planning area. After putting in serious considerations and harsh competition over the tender exercise, this huge project was awarded to Logan Property Holdings and Nanshan Group Singapore. They had won at a bid amount of 1.003 billion SGD. According to a recent survey, this is one of the most expensive residential projects being recorded under the Government Land Sales Program.

Knicks and Knacks of Stirling Residences Project

To begin with, this is an interesting development. The project features skyline towers with apartments that host 1 to 5 bedrooms. The project is planned to attract young couples, families and ambitious investors. Stirling Residences has a dazzling structure, it exudes a sense of luxury to the investors. The apartments are extremely spacious and equipped with the state of art facilities. This means you will have a blissful evening at home after a day of hard work and no play. Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

Pros around Stirling Residences

What makes all residential projects in Queenstown special will be the neighborhood. In recent years, Queenstown has become more famous amongst investors for its proximity to the main City Centre. You have the Margaret Drive with many new and puzzling housing projects and in the next few years, Ghim Moh is bound to be filled with more housing programs. This means Stirling Residencies is in a hotspot that is grabbing the eyes and minds of potential investors by being the first-movers here.

Stirling Residences: An Ideal option for Families

This new abode will be an ideal choice for families. It is attributed by its location, the stylish condo facade and its smart-living facilities. Investors will be joining hands with one of Singapore’s finest and renowned developers. Next, you will be able to travel in and around Singapore easily as the development is strategically located near the Queenstown train station.

This means you will have no trouble connecting and reaching other Singapore districts. It is near Marina Bay Financial Center (MBFC) and the Orchard Road Shopping Belt. These are two famous attractions that appeal to all families and investors in the country. Will you be able to resist such a hotspot? Can you say no to condos that reflect your style of living? If you answered ‘No’, check out Stirling Residences now!