A Mega Housing Project in Hougang (District 19) – The Florence Residences by Logan Property Holdings

When Singapura was born, it was only a small island with literally no other natural resources during the British colonial ruling. But over the last century and with the tremendous effort of our hardworking ancestors, we ended up opening and reinventing ourselves till we become an economic miracle and a global model of success and innovation.

In recent years, Singapore has become the most prosperous city in the entire South East Asia as well as being highly-regarded on the World Stage. This powerful city reigns modernity symbol and energy efficiency and is the perfect blend of state interventionism of private capitalism. It is currently a leading nation in many aspects such as medical health, education and economic competitiveness.

The Singapore Government had invested heavily to improve citizens employment and ending of the corruption practices ever since separating from their bigger neighbour Malaysia. Today, this country is one of the economic powerhouses in the Asia Pacific, while attracting huge investment funds globally into the beautiful city.

Speaking of which, with the vast amount of investment funds flowing in continuously, there lies many opportunities in building public infrastructures. Places of interest as well as commercial developments will be fully supported, providing endless employment to the general public. Of this, mega residential developments will also be built in advance to accommodate the expected rush of human traffic coming from all over the world.

As such, one of the newest developers coming on board from China (Hong kong Listed) will be building their first maiden project solely in Singapore. A mega project to be exact, as the entire land spreads across in excess of over 380,000 sq ft. A very large piece of land parcel in our local context, situated along Hougang avenue 2 and Florence road. This latest project by Logan Property Holdings is the latest introduction of residence in a crowded District 19, estimated to be approximately 10 minutes of walking distance to both Hougang and Kovan MRT Stations.

If you’re planning to upgrade your current home or to join in as a property investor like the rest, The Florence Residences could be the perfect option for you right now on our north-eastern shore.

The Florence Residences will be undergoing construction as soon as the remaining residents moved, it is currently sitting on the previous Florence Regency that occupies a large-scale land area. Its total floor area will certainly be more than 1.1 million sq ft once it is due for completion. A high-rise residential project by Florence Development Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of Logan Property Holdings.

Amenities in the vicinity:

A huge supermarket chain that will remain open 24-hours is in proximity and could be access conveniently. There are as many as 3 cafeteria and food court that serves excellent food, one of the best and most affordable venue to hang out with at any time of the day.

If you’re keen on this area, you will be treated with an excellent scenery as a resident. The boundary of this development is surrounded by many low-rise structures and therefore, the new homeowners of this place will be able to enjoy the 270-degree unblocked views outwards.

Fitted with more than 1,400 households here, there will be something for anyone who is looking to purchase. Stay tune as it will be coming to you in 2019!