Best Residential Areas In Singapore

There is a common saying – each area has its own attractions, and your experience in Singapore will definitely vary drastically as per the type and location of neighborhood you would be around. Let’s guide you through some of Singapore’s best neighborhoods, so you are well informed before going out with your agent.

Tanjong Pagar

Holland Village:

Holland Village is one of the most attracting residential areas due to the central location close to the downtown and even Orchard areas, also the open space Singapore Botanical Garden and MacRitchie Reservoir offer is no doubt a class apart. You would have a wonderful eclectic feel here with so many bars, local shops, and restaurants. Plus the famous arts and dining enclave Dempsey is just a step out and three of the highest capacity office complexes namely Biopolis, Fusionopolis and Mediopolis aren’t far either.

Tanjong Pagar:

The beautiful ethnic shop house storefronts in Tanjong Pagar still portrays the Malay heritage of Singapore giving it a simple touch of picturesque charm. At the heart of the area, Neil Roads and the Keong Saik boasts Singapore’s vibrant food and cocktail culture.

Situated just outside the central business district, bankers and ad-agency suits are the ones who live here. The short distance from work, several watering holes to enjoy with friends at the end of the day, nice weekend, or even a romantic night out often attracts people searching for an ideal residential area.

Tiong Bahru:

This is basically a heritage housing estate holding onto the retro charm. The city streets are designed like an interlocking horseshoe shape that encloses a popular community center. It’s just 15 minutes from the city center and offers a charming escape from the artificial skylines downtown and has a much more serene feel.

The apartments are mostly a bit walk-up, but once you climb up the stairs, a beautiful space awaits. The Tiong Bahru apartments are post-war but nicely renovated to offer you an elegant vintage feel like the covered porches and beautiful window grates.


Geylang is basically a local area, maybe even more literally Chinese than Chinatown. Just 15 minutes from the city to the East, the Hawker centers and street stalls will give you an idea about the local culture far from the fancy cocktail bars or lavish streets. But you would love the gritty charm once you blend into the neighborhood.


Best known as Singapore’s “resort-island,” you can live at homes right on the water. It can be unique condos or landed houses. If breezy and serene spaces away from city life and a beach in front of you sound perfect, Sentosa Island may be the best option for you, but don’t forget the price tag.

East Coast:

It’s a perfect home base for a family man. You will live close to nature. There are some housing complexes not far from the East Coast Park. It’s a long narrow strip along the sides of a beautiful beach with plenty of greenery and an amazing ocean view. You would find homes here at reasonable rents. A spacious place with a wide range of amenities, for the same price as a small home in the city center – this seems heavenly.


Woodlands is situated at the far Northern end of the island, much closer to Malaysia than the city life of Singapore. However, the great distance from the city gives a nice option to stretch out.


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