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The Womanist/Feminist Parenting Primer can only exist because of you, the reader. If it were only my stories and only represented my life, it would just be another blog category, of limited interest and usefulness to others; the Primer works because it tells a variety of stories, represents a wide range of lives.

I am always accepting new submissions to the Primer. I try to put up one new entry a week month, but that depends on getting at least one submission a week month. Which means I want you to send me something; a previously published post, a new piece, an idea you’d like to run by me, or even just a line saying “but what can I write about?” (We can find something, trust me. The kyriarchy is everywhere, in every life, and so potential stories are everywhere, in your life.)

I’m looking for an image of your day, or a snapshot of a particular moment, or the tale of a decision you made, or your “feminist family mission statement” and how you try to follow it. Something practical that shows how we really put our ideals into practice — or how we don’t. Here are a few of my posts that sort of show what I mean, but I’m really looking for your stories, and your ways of storytelling.

I’m not looking for perfection: sometimes the best opportunities for learning or teaching come when we mess up. And don’t worry about it being “good enough” in either feminist content or writing quality — I’m not going to judge the former (other than wanting the post to be in line with basic womanist/feminist ideology), and I can help with the latter. I’m just looking for a picture, big or little, of some way you try to enact womanism/feminism in your life as a parent, and raise the next generation more aware of and less enslaved by kyriarchy/patriarchy.

I’d especially like to get the perspective of parents (“regular”, step, adoptive, birth, and to-be or hoping-to-be) who are not male-partnered, white, able-bodied, middle-class, American, cissexual women — though even if you are all those things don’t let that stop you from submitting.

You can comment here if you want more information or to discuss a submission, but better still would be emailing me at arwyn at raisingmyboychick dot com. And please spread the word around: the more people hear about it, the broader the spectrum of voices we can share.

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