About WFPP

What is the Womanist/Feminist Parenting Primer, and why should you care?

First off, it is a primer. It is not a how-to guide, not a dictionary nor a 101 course. It is a preliminary reader: a collection of stories, pictures of how parenting and womanist/feminist idea(l)s intersect in the diverse lives of real people. Some of these stories are inspiring; some discuss failures of ideals or their implementation; some you may disagree with; some I may disagree with. The point isn’t to build a hegemonic view of the Way Things Should Be: the point is to provide a collection of glimpses into the ways some womanists/feminists have answered the question “Ok, but what does this look like in real life?”

My goal with this project is to offer assistance to those who are new to womanist/feminist parenting: established womanists/feminists wondering how to implement their ideals when it comes to new-found parenting; or long-time parents new to feminism; or those who, facing a new boychild or girlchild or unknownchild on the way, are realizing how profoundly their new child will be affected by sexist gender roles and are embarking on feminism and parenting at the same time.

The women (and men, if any care to submit a piece) who share their stories to create the primer are not perfect womanists or feminists; some of them don’t even identify as such at all. They are not, in general, very different from most other parents. The difference is they think about the way sexism and the patriarchy and kyriarchy influence them, and their children, and their parenting; and in some small way, successful or not, they seek to counter that influence, to raise their children freer from those nefarious forces, to claim more agency and autonomy for themselves and their progeny.

Follow along to see how they do it — and if you’re inspired, submit a piece yourself.

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