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Late notice for WAM!It Yourself: Is It a Boy or a Girl? Improving Media Coverage Beyond the Binary

Join us tomorrow for a radio-style program on non-binary and non-conforming gender and the media, as part of Women, Action and the Media’s WAM! It Yourself decentralized conference. Hosted by Avory Faucette and featuring an exciting array of guests — including1 yours truly — you can tune in via Blog Host Radio, or call in to join the conversation.

It starts at 10am EDT (I’ll be talking with Avory for the first half hour of the program) — which, for those keeping track, is indeed 7am here in cloudy Portland. Never say I don’t do anything for you people.

Sorry for the late notice, but I do hope you can join us. Unless you’re sleeping. In which case, enjoy it. For me.

Also check out the rest of WAM! It Yourself’s schedule. It runs through the end of March, featuring sessions in cities across the USA2 and online.

  1. Inexplicably.
  2. And Canada, eh.

PSA: 5th Carnival of Feminists has arrived!

The Fifth Carnival of Feminists has landed over at Zero at the Bone, home of the hard-working and super-fabulous Chally, who deserves a big round of applause and the personal service of her choice (too bad my arms don’t reach to Australia, I hear I’m not half bad at this massage thing) for putting it together. My piece Toddlers are triggering has been included, but hardly stands out among the other excellent submissions.

Here’s a small sampling, primarily ones that touch on parenting:

Kate of Rebel Raising has something to say in Is that child crazy? ‘How much of the time are children behaving in the way an adult would if their life were like a child’s life?’ [Kate is the genius behind I Blame the Mother]

“How Can Feminist Mums Avoid Being Humourless Childhood-Ruiners?” Lauredhel and the Hoyden About Town commentariat have a few things to say on the subject.

Veronica, writing at Viva La Feminista, is wondering about the times when speaking up might make things worse. The post is called My privileged nose & reporting a slap to a baby.

amandaw hits it out of the ballpark with Domestic violence, C-sections considered pre-existing conditions at three rivers fog. It’s about ableism, healthcare, ableism, misogyny and ableism.

At Catspaw, Lucy talks about her experiences at university as a trans woman, including dealing with fellow students, professors and study material. The post is called I’m (Mostly Not) Coming Out. [Lucy is a dear friend and helped me with the Glossary entry on trans, transgender, transsexuality — yes, it’s finally up –, so I had to spotlight hers.]

But they’re all stupendous, and you really just need to go over there and check it out.

Public Service Announcement

Do not ever read the comment section on posts about parents or children on a feminist blog that is not explicitly a feminist parenting blog. That shit is scary misogynistic bad. I’m usually good and pulling myself away from the worst of the web (a la goatse et al) but this particular brand of ugliness pulls me in like nothing else.

So, lesson learned: fight for the rights of women, unless they happen to be mothers, unless they are mothers who hate their kids and can afford a live in crew of nannies so they never take them out of the house until and unless they are Perfect Robotic Angels. Right. Glad we got that cleared up.

I need a shower. Is bleach anti-hate? It’ll only sting for a little while, and if it erased the contact soul defilement, it might be worth it…

(And no, I’m not giving you a link or telling you where to look. I won’t come over to your house when I have the flu, and I’m not tarnishing your soul with a link.)