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The Cast of Raising My Boychick

Arwyn: A walking contradiction: knitting feminist fulltime parent, Wiccan science-minded woowoo massage student therapist!, queer-identified male-partnered monogamist, body-loving healthy-eating fat chick, unmedicated mostly-stable bipolar. This blog’s author and hostess. Send me an email at arwyn at raisingmyboychick dot com, or poke me on Twitter. I don’t bite, and I almost always respond.

The Man: Aforementioned male partner, parent, geek, and self-professed attached dad. A Straight White Male, hence the moniker.

The Boychick: Born March 2007, male-assigned at birth (and so far apparently comfortable with that assignment), white, currently able-bodied, congenitally hypothyroid, cosleeper, former breastfed toddler, elimination communication graduate, sling baby and early walker, trial and terror, clichéd light of our life, and impetus for the blog. Odds are good he will be the most privileged of persons: a middle class, able bodied, cisgender, straight, white male. This blog is about raising him to know this, and to not be a douche despite it.

Vulva Baby: Assigned-girl child, born surprise breech at home September 2011. There is nothing further I can say about her that will not risk sending diabetic readers to the hospital.

The Topics of Raising My Boychick

Parenting: Because it’s kinda a major part of life with 2 small children. I write about what’s commonly referred to as “attachment parenting”, but also the problems and -isms in attachment parenting advocacy, and I write about raising a probably-pinnacley-privileged kid, doing it as a multiply-marginalized person, and how all mothers, no matter the parenting style, are screwed by kyriarchy.

Body: Because life is an embodied experience, because not all bodies are valued equally (but all bodies are equally valuable, though “value” is the wrong scale on which to weigh bodies), because gender and race and sexuality and mental illness may all be intangible and nigh undefinable but they all arise from these-our-bodies, and because there is little as radical as marginalized persons reclaiming our right to write our own experiences.

Kyriarchy: This could also be called Feminism, Intersectionalism, Intersectionality, Social Justice, Liberation, Equality, Anti-Oppression, or The Ways Hierarchies Fuck Us Over. I write about kyriarchy, how our lives are shaped by kyriarchy, and how we can counter, dismantle, and re-purpose structures of kyriarchy; about oppression and marginalization, the boot on my throat, and how we can raise our kids and ourselves to not be assholes. I often get it wrong, but I try to fix my fuck ups rapidly and elegantly.

Contact Raising My Boychick

Because I’ve been told my email (it’s up there! right there!) is nigh impossible to find, I have given in to convention — a little — and given Contact Me (cringe) its very own section.

Easiest way to get in touch with me is email. Thanks to the life-interrupting technology of smart phones, my email comes straight to my soon-to-have-cancer thigh nearly 24 hours a day. In what should be a shock to no one, my email address is arwyn at raisingmyboychick dot com.

Alternately, paychecks, crocheted ovum, and handwritten love letters may be sent to my physical address:

Arwyn Arising
PO Box 16901
Portland OR 97292
(Edit 2015: Please do not send things here! This PO Box is no longer under my ownership.)

Just in case those don’t work for you, there’s also Twitter (about as immediate as email, alas) and Facebook. And if that’s not enough ways to get in touch with me, there’s counseling. Good luck with that.

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4 Responses to About RMB

  1. Arwyn, thanks for mentioning this blogsite in class! I’ve had the good fortune lately of stumbling across material just as I needed (desired) it. I’ve been wanting “better” & “more” language to help make sense of stuff inside my head (and out). After reading a few blog posts I discovered your lovely Glossary. Yay! I will spend most of my early time there, but I think this site will be a nourishing for me. Peter (Wed clinic)

  2. Hi there,

    I love your view of allowing your child to develop his own sense of self – apart from the pressures of boyhood. We at United 4 Equality are working on final passage of the Equal Rights Amendment which would outlaw discrimination on the basis of sex. It very much seeks to create a world in which one isn’t defined by preconceived notions about what it means to be a boy or girl. After all, we are all human beings! We must ensure our government thinks so too!

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I have to say, I love your voice, your presuppositions, your whole approach. I want to read every post I saw on your front page. With a “boychick” of my own at home, hopefully I’ll get the time. We call ours manikin, though. (As in, folklore! not clothes dummy.)

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