Where’s the blog??

Didn’t there used to be a blog here?


A rather big one, in fact. That spanned seven years (four highly active years) and over 400 posts (including many guest posts).

So what happened?

When I stopped actively blogging at the end of 2012, it was for a large number of reasons, some personal, some professional, some blog related. But I stopped.

The hate filling my inbox didn’t. Still hasn’t, though it has, at least, slowed to a trickle.

So it’s time for me to be done.

What of the content??, you ask. Well, very shortly (within the next day), most of the content created by me will be available as a series of ebooks, on the loose topics of Parenting, Body, and Kyriarchy. For those of you here for information on Gender Diverse Parenting, there will be a shorter ebooklet also available that collects just those writings into one place.

Edit: Gender Diverse Parenting: A Raising My Boychick Collection is now available in all ebook formats through Smashwords.

If anyone who has a guest post hosted on the site, or who followed a link to a particular post that isn’t included in the ebooks, please contact me.

For those in and around Portland Oregon, I can be found helping people queer parenting, feel better in their bodies, and resist kyriarchy one massage at a time at Holding Space Massage.

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  1. I’ve so loved reading your posts and will miss you and your writings but it makes so much sense to separate yourself from the negativity.

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