On contrived debates, strawmoms, and kyriarchy’s binds

A rant inspired by far too many “feminism versus mothers/attachment parenting/stay at home moms! SHOW DOWN AT SUNDOWN!” articles I’ve encountered recently. Storified, because I ain’t typing all this twice. (I don’t know how well/whether Storify works with screen readers, so if you can’t access this, please let me know.)

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4 Responses to On contrived debates, strawmoms, and kyriarchy’s binds

  1. “*F*eminists who blame “attachment parenting” are drinking the Kool-aid, specifically Kyriarchy Razzleberry.”

    This is so good … I don’t even … LOL

  2. Here, here! Personally, I enjoy reading it in conversation form, as it flows easily and lets me see the good points made back and forth in discussion. Even though I saw it on my feed the first time, as I follow all 3 of you… but still. YES YES YES.

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  4. ScholasticaMama

    “Oppression doesn’t have one story, one path” – this is awesome and so right!

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