An answer to that most obnoxious question endured as small-talk at parties and luncheons the world over

I am: a writer, a blogger, a small business owner,
a pundit, a pedant, theorist, philosopher,
thinker of thoughts and wiper of butts,
a body worker and body-work subject extraordinaire,
child-minder, milk-maker, parenting text expert,
activist and pacifist and active resistor of kyriarchy’s chains,
meal planner, sous-chef, creator of recipes and crafter of comestibles,
chicken keeper, gardener, and urban homesteader (all still in training),
student, teacher, autodidact and authorial editrix,
seamstress, DIYer, first time home buyer (retired),
homeowner and power-tool wielder,
daughter sister mother and damn good lover,
teller of stories and cracker of jokes,
crafter of words and enjoyer of silences,
musician, singer, pianist and piano tutor,
reader and researcher, gamer and knitter,
parent and person and probably smarter than you,
and some of these
are even
rewarded financially
by our kyriarchal consumerist craptastic capitalist culture,
(since that’s what you really are asking).

And what is it, pray tell, that you do all day?

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10 Responses to An answer to that most obnoxious question endured as small-talk at parties and luncheons the world over

  1. HELL.


  2. Exactly why you (and women in general) are often feared and loved. The ability to simultaneously hold so much within you at once is powerful and beautiful.

  3. Love this so very much :-)

  4. Absolutely! And damn good at it, too!

  5. Quite right, too. ;)

  6. AMEN

    Now we need an answer to that other question: “what does your HUSBAND do?” ’cause you know, since it’s obvious that I do nothing, we must assume that there’s a male making all the valuable contributions.

  7. Best authorial editrix EVAH. I’m not kidding, y’all.

  8. Thoughtful Feminist

    I so enjoy the delicious irony of answering what you call an “obnoxious” question with “probably smarter than you.” I mean, wow. Comes across as, dare I say, a tad obnoxious.

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