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The hellish torture that is moving with a newborn1 babymooning continues apace, and to everyone’s surprise, or at least mine, the stress of it all has not yet landed me in hospital. But as I’m typing this one handed2, I leave you in the capable, lovely, and not nearly as baby-occupied hands of my friend Emily.

Hi all, Emily Manuel here.  You might remember me from such internets as The Tiger Beatdown, The Global Comment, or The Twitter, or the comments of this here blog.  But if not, then hi!  How’s you?

Anyway, while Arwyn’s off babymooning, I’ve volunteered to provide the link posts.  As with everything, Don’t Read The Comments, etc etc.  So here goes.

Sociological Images has a round-up of gendered kids stuff, including that J.C Penny shirt (you know the one).  PhD in Parenting has mixed feelings about a blood test that can predict the sex of a fetus at 7 weeks.

s.e smith writes at Bitch magazine about how pharmaceutical companies frame mental illness in their 2.5 billion dollars worth of advertising a year.  I wrote at Alternet about how the states are privatising Medicaid through “managed care” programs.’

In amazing News From the Future, scientists say lab grown meat is just 6 months away.  True Blood for humans, y’all.  Also, pooping pandas make better biofuels.

And for your obligatory pieces of Whovianism, there’s Sady Doyle talking about how Doctor Who became “Nurse Rory” (note: I edited this piece. But you should still read it, even if you don’t agree), and this gem of a video, “Previously on Doctor Who.”  Shots from every single episode in five minutes, amazing.  A warning: the sound’s a bit rubbish, so turn down your speakers before you watch it.

  1. To quote myself: “I hate every part of this except the smell of my new baby’s head, the feel of my new baby’s skin, and the sound of my new baby’s breath.”
  2. My left, natch. I’m right handed.
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2 Responses to Guest post: Linkspam

  1. I was rolling along, enjoying the Whovian music and clips, when all of a sudden there’s the tenth doctor crying out, “I don’t want to go!” And now here I am in tears. *wibble*

  2. I know right? Total lump in my throat.

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