Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2011

For about three and a half more hours here in the land of Starbucks-on-every-corner, it’s Celebrate Bisexuality Day. However, since I’ve not the time nor energy to celebrate any sexuality, thanks to the world’s-cutest-product-of-sex, here’s a snippet from last year’s post:

Because as problematic as the word we use to describe it is, I’m not dropping the chance to celebrate my sexuality –

Because bisexual isn’t incompatible with monogamy, but monogamy isn’t any better and shouldn’t be more accepted than polyamory

Because it’s about attraction and identity and potentiality, not history and actions and who I’ve boned

Because straight folks never have to prove their sexuality, and gay folks usually have their proof accepted (if not welcomed) –

Because sometimes bisexual is a transitory identity; sometimes so is straight; sometimes so is gay –

Because bisexual doesn’t mean “exactly equally attracted to two genders” — not least of which because there aren’t only two genders –

Because not everyone is bi, and we are not un-PC for wanting to name ourselves –

Because we are not “gay-lite” and we do have unique experiences

Because the Boychick just told me one of his kid elephants has two dad elephants and another has three mom elephants –

Because we teach our children about love every day

Because we are not faking it –

Because we have decided –

Because visibility really does matter –

Because I am bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, nonmonosexual, queer, dykey, hot bi babe, big fat flirt, not gay, not straight, and still not gonna sleep with you –

Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

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5 Responses to Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2011

  1. Thanks for the link back and happy day to you too!

  2. Now I will have to find a way to use “world’s-cutest-product-of-sex” in a conversation…

    I loved that post the first time I read it and I love reading again! Especially as I’ve been feeling like part of me is hidden because I’m in a serious monogamous relationship with a man. Thanks for the wonderful words!

  3. The links that go to other posts of yours are 404ing, probably because they have duplicate year and date bits in them.

  4. and still not gonna sleep with you I wish it amazed me that this even needs to be said, but there it is: because being (bi)sexual doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with you.

    Glad to hear that you are celebrating, and a happy day of it to you also!

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