Mostly fluffy post of go-me-ness

I have sitting next to me a certificate of completion and congratulation from massage school (the proper my-name-on-it diploma-thing will come after transcripts are finalized) and a copy of Bitch Magazine Spring 2011, in which I am quoted1. I’ve been petting each alternately, not entirely sure which thrills me more –

One of my physical therapists2 asked me yesterday whether, if my massage practice took off tomorrow and I was as booked as I wanted to be, I would still write. Though I understood his point — for some people desk work is what they do until their body work practice can sustain them — to me it was like asking “If you had all the water you could drink, would you still want to breathe?”

but we’ll focus on the first here.

This is the first course of study (really, the first anything) I’ve completed since graduating high school — which was only just, thanks to migraines and undiagnosed mood instability. This accomplishment was not barely, but solidly, definitely, unquestionably. Though there were many times I wondered whether I’d make it — particularly in the months after Backpocalypse 2010 — and I took a couple breaks as needed, I never really faltered as I have so many times before. I never failed a course for lack of completion of coursework. I never let an absence prevent my return. I never let my at-times-overwhelming fear of failure, or my equally hindering fear of success, stop me from simply taking the next step.

And that? Feels really damn good.

  1. More on this in another post, as I have Words to Say, but for now let’s revel in the simple joy of it.
  2. Yes, I have more than one.
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11 Responses to Mostly fluffy post of go-me-ness

  1. I chatted about you with the author of that article at a Bitch meetup at SXSW this week! She said she had an article on mommy blogs, and I said (among other things) “oh, have you read Raising My Boychick, I love that blog”, and she was like “yes, I quote her a couple times!”. So, congrats and yay!

  2. Yaay! Congratulations, on both.

  3. YAY ARWYN!!!

    You DEFINITELY rock :)

  4. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating. In the words of my almost-3yo: “You rock, Arwyn, you rock!”*

    *She usually says this to Daddy, as J’s rocked some Guitar Hero piece.**

    **Footnotes are infectious.

  5. Yes, indeed! This was entirely you, for you, by you. You rock! Bigtime! And in multiple fields! Yay!

  6. *applause*

  7. Well done, lady!

  8. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  9. Hooray for you! :)

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