At least one of y’all think I’m Most Inspiring

And Most Provocative. And a Blog You’ve Learned the Most From.

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I have been nominated in all three categories over at BlogLuxe. While I normally am pretty dismissive of these sorts of award polls as nothing but popularity contests (and they are popularity contests, make no mistake), I’m actually feeling the love right now, with the feedback I’ve been getting on my last few posts1, so go, sling a vote2 or three my way. You can vote once a day, through July 12, and winners will be announced at their exclusive shindig at the BlogHer ’10 conference. Which I will be attending. (BlogHer, not the shindig, and there’s a post somewhere on my ambivalence about that.)

Speaking of my lastest post, I’m not sure I’ll be able to reply adequately to the stories and support shared there (and on On breastfeeding…) but I have read them all, and appreciate them all. I’ve never been more in love with blogging and with my readership than I have been the past couple days.

I said on Twitter yesterday that I’ve never heard a secret uttered that was not more bearable for having been spoken and shared, and so I’d like to remind you that I’m still offering RMB as a host to anonymous posts, as part of the Naked Pictures of Faceless People series. I cannot tell you how much speaking my truths — no matter how awkward or embarrassing or socially-unaccepted or guilt-inducing or supposedly-shameful — has helped me. If there’s something you’d like to get out but you don’t have a place for, I would be honored to host it for you, anonymously or not.

I’m still cynical enough most days to doubt that this blogging thing can change the world, but I know it’s changed my life — and right now, that’s enough.

  1. Including two posts informed by Nursing and Nuance: Sexing the breast at Spilt Milk, and Facts versus Feelings at Paisley and Pretties, both of which I highly recommend reading.
  2. Email validation required, and it seems like they’re pretty protective of your privacy, as far as I’ve been able to tell.
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2 Responses to At least one of y’all think I’m Most Inspiring

  1. Just voted for you as the most provocative. Nice job!!

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