Concert high

Indigo Girls. Coyote Grace. (Oh can that woman play the bass. Oh to be that bass.) Unexpected meetings — good, bad, and flat bizarre.

And the music. The music! Rocking, slapping, dancing, moving the soul and body and mind, music to groove to, music to grieve to: who the fuck says women can’t rock? And men — violin-playing, accordion-squeezing men — too.

Then this, from a friend — unrequested, but far from undesired:

Signed! Three times! To me!

And my swoon was complete.

The high? Still flying. Oh yes.

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5 Responses to Concert high

  1. Awesome! One might say,”Brilliant!” (or even, “Fantastic!”) ;)

    I know that high. I got it after my last Ani DiFranco concert though I didn’t have the mind boggling pleasure of having anything signed by the Goddess herself.:D

    • This was, let me see, the fifth concert I’ve ever been to? The second in my adult life — the first was also the Indigo Girls, just last summer.

      But this high is something I could get used to…

      (To clarify, the CD is one of Coyote Grace’s albums — the Girls were not, alas, out signing anything. Though my friend did score a pick. As you said: fantastic!)

  2. You need to go to more concerts. Dude, I’d been to more concerts than that before I was 17! *wanders off recalling good times*

  3. what an incredible high! <3

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