Thirteenth Carnival of Feminists and other links

The Thirteenth Carnival of Feminists is up at Zero at the Bone, and wow is it worth checking out. It’s been up for two days, and I still haven’t read through it all yet. Chally is an amazing organizer, though, and has easily navigable categories, and concise descriptions to narrow in on the posts most likely to interest you, if you only have time to read a few.

A few from the Carnival I would like to draw your particular attention to:

  • Quantity time at Spilt Milk: “But actually, it is in those daily interactions; the thousands of little ways I care for Bean bodily most days, that the foundations of our bond have been laid. [...] It wasn’t always fun and it wasn’t always pretty but it was… always.”
  • CL Minou writes The Secret Lives of Married Men — Now With Bingo Cards (As background: in anti-oppression circles, there are oppressive/offensive statements said to/about marginalized groups so often we can predict them in advance. So we write them down on little cards and play a rousing game of BINGO when the trolls come out, and point and laugh, and thus do we survive.)
  • Covering Up is a Feminist Issue, says Annie of PhD in Parenting — click over to this one especially if you and your computer are capable of viewing pictures. Lots and lots of beautiful, pointed pictures.

Not from the Carnival but found on a link trail from it, paradox_dragon addresses Queer women, the slash debate, and the question of internalized oppression with depth and nuance and precision that makes me weep with joy and want to join LiveJournal just to friend her. (“Slash” is “fanfiction written about romantic or sexual relationships occurring between two same-gender characters, usually male.” Mostly written by women — supposedly but not actually mostly straight women –, it is reputed to have originated with original Star Trek characters.)

Vying with the above for my new all time biggest crush is this video (with a full transcript below) of Chimamanda Adichie, Nigerian novelist and storyteller, on the problems of the single story.

Posted just after my last link round up, on race and parenting, from Love Isn’t Enough comes Is a diverse environment enough to inoculate children against racism? (Short answer: no, and if we’re thinking of racism only as a problem to inoculate white children against, we’re missing the point something fierce.)

And finally, if you haven’t already seen, the Lesbian/Bisexual Woman of the Decade has been chosen (entirely by you!). Please go drop a line of congratulations, complaint1, questions, kibitzing, or angling for getting nominated in 2020. It was so, so much fun, but it may take me all decade to recover!

  1. OK, skip the complaint. I am open to constructive criticism, though I’ll point out I’m not about to do this again any time soon.
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