Commenting problems?

I’ve heard from a couple people that when they tried to comment on my latest post it failed to go through, which, among other things, makes me wonder for how many that’s been true from whom I HAVEN’T heard. Although obviously some comments at least are still getting through, and my spam queue certainly hasn’t been filling any slower.

I just did a WordPress upgrade, which may or may not have done anything to alleviate the problem: do try commenting again please, so I can know if it helped any. And if you’ve had a problem commenting, either recently or previously, could you either let me know here (if comments work for you this time!), or send me an email at arwyn at raisingmyboychick dot com?

And if you’re also a WP blogger and have had similar problems with your commenting system, please drop me a line as well, especially if you have any tips on its rectification.

And to make this a not-totally-pointless post for all you lurkers out there (really? it’s safe to comment. I promise I don’t bite. unless you ask nicely, and happen to already know where I live), some links to things I’ve enjoyed recently that happen to be open at the moment and I’m able to find among my truly embarrassing tab forest (I counted recently. you don’t want to know. I don’t want you to know. I especially don’t want you to know how this makes my computer unlike my 3-D life not at all. so pretend I didn’t just say anything. what were we talking about? right, links):

Too Big For My Skin — The Campaign (YouTube video)

Default Settings, at this ain’t livin’

How Not to Interview Someone by Kelly Diels

No, Actually, You Did Not Turn Out OK, at Escaping To My Happy Place

Everything over at FWD/Forward: Feminists with disabilities for a way forward

And in case you, like I, momentarily forgot what this post was originally about: comments? problems? comment! or email. Make my comment queue or my in-box happy. Even if it’s only to hear about your sadness.

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13 Responses to Commenting problems?

  1. I haven’t had trouble commenting, but I’ll try now to see if it works. And to say: Thanks for the links.

    “truly embarrassing tab forest” Ah, yes. I almost get happy when I forget to save all my open windows or my browser crashes and won’t reopen them or so forth, because then I can move forward with a clean(er) slate.

  2. Hmmmm. OK, let’s try this…

  3. Yay! Well, not only did that last one go through, but I can now use the link to my Typepad blog without difficulties, which I couldn’t before. Which will be nice if I ever, ever reach the stage of having enough time to be able to comment on anything ever again. :-(

  4. Nope, you’re right — I can’t post on the (very fine) “Dancing between the tables” post. I tried twice, and the second time it told me it had detected a duplicate comment, so it’s somewhere (cue mysterious music).

    I’m using Safari on a Mac at the mo, if that helps any.

    • This time, it had gotten caught in the spam filter, and I just rescued it. (The filter is apparently suspicious of simple appreciations!)

      Thanks for testing. :)

  5. I love “Too Big for my Skin”! Mind if I steal it?

  6. I think the OpenID authentication was giving me troubles when trying to comment. I’m a Blogger person.

    I like the controversy on your blog and when people disagree with you. Makes your blog interesting and I come back several times to see what’s going on (increasing your hits). Of course, if there was someone leaving snarky comments on MY blog, I may not like it. But it’s great on your blog. Geesh, I’m really a nice person.

    Kinda like going to a party at someone else’s house, then leaving well before it’s time to clean up.

    And you know me, I’m trying to recapture dinnertime discussions I loved when I was in college. And I love to argue, just ask my husband (but he’s asking for it, he has Hannity on at night–who can blame me?)

  7. Okay let’s see how it’s going now.

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