full term nursing/full term breastfeeding

Based on the anthropological work of Katherine Dettwyler, PhD, full-term nursing refers to the idea that the human mammal biologically expects to nurse for 2.5-7 years. “Full term” replaces such terms as “extended” or “prolonged”, which falsely present nursing for 1 year or less as the norm.

“Full term nursing” is not to imply shame or failure for those who could not or did not nurse for that long; there are any number of reasons a nursing dyad might not sustain nursing full term, not least of which is living in a misogynistic, anti-child, kyriarchal society. Further, some women do not wish to nurse full term, and some children choose not to. “Full term nursing” only normalizes the biologically expected length of breastfeeding (for the average dyad under non-kyriarchal conditions), and does not dictate or denigrate specific individual circumstances or choices.

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  1. Excellent choice to quote Katherine Dettwyler for WBW!! Thank you Thank you! Well said!

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