Public Service Announcement

Do not ever read the comment section on posts about parents or children on a feminist blog that is not explicitly a feminist parenting blog. That shit is scary misogynistic bad. I’m usually good and pulling myself away from the worst of the web (a la goatse et al) but this particular brand of ugliness pulls me in like nothing else.

So, lesson learned: fight for the rights of women, unless they happen to be mothers, unless they are mothers who hate their kids and can afford a live in crew of nannies so they never take them out of the house until and unless they are Perfect Robotic Angels. Right. Glad we got that cleared up.

I need a shower. Is bleach anti-hate? It’ll only sting for a little while, and if it erased the contact soul defilement, it might be worth it…

(And no, I’m not giving you a link or telling you where to look. I won’t come over to your house when I have the flu, and I’m not tarnishing your soul with a link.)

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3 Responses to Public Service Announcement

  1. Oh yes. You’re absolutely right. I remember one feminist blogger referring to “screaming shit sacks” (of children) and another – who, admittedly, apologised – said she called women who had children “breeders”.

    Inspired me to write this:

    May be a little jumbled, but you get the picture.

  2. I do get the picture. :)

    I was intending to write a more coherent and in-depth post on the topic, and I still might later, but Random Winter Cold has upgraded to Cold of DOOM, and, well, an obscure PSA was about all I could manage.

    Plus, I still haven’t quite gotten a handle on my rage. I’ll try again when I don’t end up just spluttering obscenities at the screen.

    (Primarily I want to point out the misogyny inherent in the position. Although bluemilk already did that quite loverly here:

  3. Oh yes, that is one of my All Time Favourite Posts Ever from bluemilk!

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better soon xx

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